CASE STUDY: Ozefax business evolves resulting in market leadership.

Consolidating a brand and achieving maximum return on sale.

Ozefax was a family-run telecommunications business where the partners wished to sell to pursue other interests. However, their revenue was below 5M and EBIT had not yet hit 1M.

More significantly, they had not yet entered into the mobile phone market, which was more lucrative to a prospective buyer.

I offered to assist Ozefax with expanding to above 5M in sales, move into the mobile phone arena and build the EBIT to over 2M.

We achieved this within 18 months and the result was four buyers all fighting to purchase the business. The sellers were very happy with the result.

This is an example where we differentiate ourselves from other specialists and offer services that are not just outright selling your business but helping you get your business ready for sale so that you can achieve the best possible outcome. 

“Lisa Dixon is an experienced CPA who worked with us consistently on Ozefax’s strategy, profit and taxation status developing business plans to grow the business from 2003-2017 until business achieved market leadership.”

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